Big Wheeleyand theWhitewalls




The Hottest Old Time Rock'n'Roll Band On The Planet

Big Wheeley- If this band's a circus then this is the ringleader. Some may call him crazy, some may even say he's mad, but energetic frontman Big Wheeley is the gas that keeps this bad motorscooter rolling. Completely unpredictable, the boys who've been playing with him over 20 years still say he suprises them at every show.
Professor- The group's musical director and main man behind the scenes lends his talented hands to tickling the ivories. He knows over 1000 songs and still wants to learn more. From raunchy honky tonk to sweet love songs this gentleman has magic hands that can play it all.
Thumper Jones- All guts and no glory describes the band's drummer. Kicking out the backbeat for this wild bunch is no easy feat and Thumper gives it his all at every show. He claims he's never left a stage without some sort of injury. And that's how he knows he's still alive.
Lucky Strike- Our one and only "Bad Boy" fills out the rythym section. His smooth guitar licks and wild stage antics make him the guy you don't want to take home to mother. Rumoured to be illegitimate son of Howard Hughes's nephew's cousin. Still owes all of us money!
Boom Boom- The big man is back, but he's not so big anymore. His secret? Is it Atkins? Did he take up jogging? Cut out the beer? He's not talking, but we'll get to the bottom of this eventually. In the meantime, pass the dessert tray, would ya, Boom Boom?
Sash- Vocalist Sash provides the female charm needed to take the edge off of these rough necks. A sultry voice and looks to match, this gal is the only thing keeping these guys out of jail. And when she has to, this sophisicated lady also knows how to get down and dirty.
Switchblade - He's back but is he playing the sax or the guitar. I don't see a sax but I hear one! What the heck is going on here? You'll have to come out and see it for yourself!
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